21 juin 2011

Quelques chroniques de l'album...

Voici quelques chroniques sur notre album. Elles ne sont pas en français mais je suis sûre que vous vous en sortirez :)

Brandnew CD from France (2011)! To make it short: If you like female punk or aggressive Oi!/Punkrock, you must buy this CD. Okay and now in longer form: Very good CD, this CD rocks!!!! I can only say "wooow"!!!! At the singers position is a very Aggro Girl, you can hear her anger and she has damn good aggressive voice! Years ago this kind of music was called "Riot Girl" music and thats right this what this CD is "riot music"!! I not like the frontcover by the way, but the CD is damn good, that´s why I scanned for you also the inlay & CD itself, that you are not feared to buy this CD cause of the "strange" frontcover...

What should I tell you more?:

Buy this CD! 10 songs all in french language, but that not makes it bad in any way, cause it sounds very good, especially in this aggro french singing, yeah, it´s very awesome to hear this!!! 4 pages booklet with all lyrics and a few pics and a sides printed backcover/inlay + a greetings & thanks list. I not want to write much more now, cause this CD is only fucking great! Basta! The girl at singing position is -like I guess from looking at the black white pic- a skingirl. But it could be also a punkrockgirl. But equal, this CD is fucking awesome! Please more of this CDs in future!

La Theorie du Boxon ""Pour un repas riche et pas cher..." CD
10x französischer Riot Girl Aggro Oi!/Punkrock, genial, brandneu (2011) - TIP!!!
10x french language Riot Girl Aggro Oi!/Punkrock, fucking great, brandnew (2011) - Recommendation!!!

Chronique de Trauma Social :Un nouveau combo du côté de
Niort/Poitiers : La Théorie Du Boxon.
Ils viennent de sortir un album : « pour
un repas riche et pas cher… ». Un duo
de punk rock rapide et revendicatif au
chant féminin. C’est sorti en co-prod
chez Rusty Knife, FFC prod, MAC et
Keupon Voyageur.
Notez juste que nous sommes de Charente/Deux-Sèvres :)

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